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The Love That I have!

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Okay, I am in love with a sweet beautiful woman that I met 2 days ago. I heard so much about her way before I actually met her. She is one of my friends mother in law, and my friends wife is actually quite stunning as well. She obviously got her looks from her mother. I am drunk so this story may not come across as anything logical or sensible but who gives a fuck, I'm drunk!
It may seem this is my first blog post but it isn't cause I had other blogs but I deleted them. See i'm already off track writing this but the beer is really REALLY good! Making sense yet?
Hi ZQ!!!
So back on track, this woman is somewhat older than myself but MILFS's are awesome (not like the freak down the street who's into hermaphrodite's and a plumber to boot!)<< Fuck it I'm drunk and I bought a nintendo 3ds off a kid on the street earlier today which doesn't work but it's a nice red!
Anyway, this woman has me walking around with a stiffy for the past 2 days and my hands are quite tired if you know what I mean!? My better half has no clue YET! Or maybe she does cause she's a MILF hunter too! <<< SWEET!
The thought of 2 at a time always crossed my mind but happening.... as if!
I totally lost my train of thought and I'm having another beer with a Jack Daniel's chaser or something like that.
Oh shit yeah, she's quite the hottie and I was trying to convince her to come out in my boat tomorrow, but she has to take care of her grand kids, and I'm stuck with my twins again for the night (left and right hands) but my significant other may help me out but most likely not, like usual! Don't get me wrong, I am in love with my wife but fantasies are fun! Where the fuck am I going with this again? Boat and fishing... focus god dammit!
Hi ZQ!
So I was born in a little tiny town of 5+ million people and now live in the shit hole of Ontario, Canada! Us Canadians are pretty cool peeps and our beer beats yours, and I need at least 18 to even get some kind of a glow. Yeah I know I'm way off track from what I started with but do I give a fuck... NO! Neither should you. My neighbor don't give a rats ass, but who cares about him!?
So I'm sitting there on the patio with a beer in my hand and this stunning woman is across from me and I have all the moves I learned from some 70's porn movie (where the acting was spectacular) and obviously those moves should of stayed back there. Van Halen on the stereo was blaring in the background and brought me back to my high school days which was cool. Almost as cool as this woman sitting across the table. I may as well of been invisible cause those fancy moves didn't get her attention at all! By the way my wife was at home the whole time, drinking her so called margarita's with no alcohol. (I keep the liquor watered down so she doesn't get out of hand. She can have 8 drinks and claim she has a buzz and I'm like "okay, whatever" The non watered down stuff is kept in a nice flask under our bed. Yeah a bed, REALLY! I sleep in my lazy-boy with headphones on and usually Slayer playing so loud I almost piss myself each time Angel of Death is into the first verse. Thanks to Bubanee for hooking me on that wild shit.
To go off topic again, you all are awesome peeps on this fantastic site and being part of it for over 6 years is pretty fucking cool! CHEERS!
So, getting back to this woman that this was originally about, I forgot already! I am having 1 more or 3 more beers and having a hoot and going to bed, cause I don't need to do anything tomorrow except go out in the boat Alone, unless someone wants to meet me on Lake Nippissing and have a blast!?

To each and every one of you, be good have fun and take care of yourself and everyone close to you. Life is way too short for bullshit!

PS: This blog makes no sense but to me it's pretty cool!
Peace, Love and good Happiness stuff!


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Blog: The Love That I have!

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your wife when she sees this blog
Never even crossed my mind! facepalm
Also she doesn't no my name on here and stop calling her at 2 in the morning! lol

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First lol Peace, Love and Happiness stuff! ftw rock

Keep rockin bro... with or without the MILF and the beer... KAT is the coolest and bestest place in the whole universe... would have been better if goony and team could lease lands to build a house here with a garden of weed... need nothing else in life...

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Actually, I was hoping you were talking about your wife, because you only met her 2 days ago, but you knew she was the one so you popped the question at hour 24 and got married in a beautiful ceremony at hour 32.smirkdrunk
Then hour 72 funkhuffyswearpunch
After reading this, boy I'm glad I'm no longer drinking!!
Sounds like good times.
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Stick with the fantasies trust me!
Enjoy, bro!

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but she has to take care of her grand kids
that is not a MILF that is a GILF facepalm, better wait until you take off the Beer Goggles lol
Ahh, drunk ramblings..... the memories, I think, I really don't remember too well.

watch that video. then have a hot shower, will fix everything :) and no.. its not porn lol

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MAybe you should forget the MILF and go for the MILK to soak up some of that alcohol!

Or just stay drunk and fantasise some more... lol
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