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5 years.

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Well it came and went in the blink of an eye.
Having used the www since 1990 I can say 5 years is a long time.
Websites come and they go.
Some are good some are OK some are basically crap.
However over the years every now and again a site comes around that just has everything you want.
I am not talking just torrents.
Yes Kat is a torrent site but it is also much more.
It is a community. What sets it apart is that the community is Global.
I can hear the thoughts where people think. "the web is global"
You are correct but Kat goes beyond that simple access as it is now in every major Language.
Kat is truly International in its approach and Global in its reach.
So how does one celebrate 5 years?
Myself I am off out this evening and in search of slow roasted Duck.
Here in China they have giant clay pots where the ducks are hung inside and in the base they place a metal plate.
The plate is smaller than the base and rasied about 9 inches on feet.
Leaving a space at the edge of around 2" for the heat to rise.
Under the plate the have a fire which is generally wood so that the Ducks are then
roasted in the heat but also a wonderful smoke flavour.
So it is not a smoked duck or a roasted one but somewhere between the two and it is simply awesome.
KFC with their "finger licking good" has nothing on this.
So along with the main course already decided no meal would be complete without a cold beer or two.
And of course a bottle of that wicked rice wine.
Anyways...a short blog for once and only one photo.
A photo of something that is making me hungry already.


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Blog: 5 years.

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Yup, an international site is a real bonus.
We get to hear and talk with people around the globe.
We also get to hear about things we never consider.
One member living in Iraq with power cuts and limitations.
I cannot remember correctly but I believe 2 hours per day with electricity at the time and he managed to post a question every day for a year.
Thats the kinda crazy thing that makes Kat so special.
Congrats on 5 years buddy I'm hungry as well lol
Congratulations! clap
Congratz! biggrin

But I hate you for making me too hungry now....cryhuffy

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Congrats!! 1990 is about the time I was surfing the net, on an old Amiga system, up until 2001, when a portion of the hard drive was too far gone to be reformatted.

I love Duck, yum!!!
Wohoo!! Congratulations johnno2334.49K 5 YEARS JUBILEE!!clapthumb_upbiggrin
this is great im 2 MONTHS AWAY from 5 YEARS her as well... never been to a better site and never will
I like this bit ;)
Congratulations johnno2334.49K thanks for being part of Such cool community of KAT .. biggrin biggrin biggrin rock rockpirate pirate

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Congratulations on 5 years, Johnno!clapclap

We are fortunate to have you on the sitebiggrinclapboo
WOO! five years :) Here's to many more
I said it when I posted my 5 year blog, and I'll say it again...
but also CONGRATS johnno2334.49K on reaching 5 years man - here's to many more. thumb_upcool

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